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August III of Poland, Medal centenary of Peace in Oliwa 1760 - NGC MS61 - VERY RARE

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Lot description
Grade: NGC MS61
Certificate: NGC 6771719-002
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Reference: Hutten-Czapski 2935 (R1), Raczyński 413

Very rare medal minted on the occasion of the centenary of the Peace of Oliwa in 1760, by Luttmer.

An excellent copy, extremely attractive, with an old patina.

Mint fresh medal graded MS61 by NGC.

Obverse: panorama of Gdańsk and the nearby sea with ships, in the section the city coat of arms

PACEM QUAM POST CENTUM ANNOS COLIMUS CELEBRATE NEPOTES (hallowed, grandchildren, the peace we have had for a hundred years)

Reverse: view of the Oliwa monastery, in the section OLIVA PACIFERA III MAII MDCCLX (Oliwa heralding peace on May 3, 1760)

AVGVSTO TERTIO REGE POL PATRE PATRIAE SALVO PACIS OLIVENSIS SAECVLVUM ALTERVM INTER SUPLICATIONES ET VOTA III MAI MDCCLX INGREDITVR GEDANVM (during the life of Augustus III, king of Poland, father of the fatherland, the second century of the Peace of Oliwa, among prayers and wishes on May 3, 1760, begun in Gdańsk)

Diameter 81 mm

Count Edward Raczyński - 'Cabinet of Polish Medals'

format_quoteThis medal is not only distinguished by the beauty of its drawing and stylus, but can also be considered as a diplomatic proof of the peace restored between Poland and Sweden, after the long war of Augustus II with Charles XII. We should consider this subject in more detail.

The treaty concluded in Oliwa in 1660, as we know, alleviated long-standing misunderstandings between the older and younger districts of the Vasa family and seemed to be a sure guarantee of permanent peace between Sweden and Poland. Augustus II interrupted this favorable state of affairs when, under trivial pretexts, he declared war on Charles XII.

The Treaty of Nyshtad concluded in 1721 between Peter I and Sweden ended the long and fierce war and Poland maintained a permanent peace in its relations with Sweden. After all, the two nations mentioned above have not concluded a separate treaty. It was only in 1729 that Frederick I, the Swedish king, wrote a letter to Augustus II, in which he told him that, forgetting everything that had happened under Charles XII, he wanted to maintain intact peace with the Polish kingdom. August II, on June 27 of the above-mentioned year, made a mutual declaration in this regard to Sweden; no official act has been concluded in this regard. In its place, in 1760, a smaller medal was minted, which proves that the Treaty of Oliwa is valid in Poland's relations with Sweden.

When in 1790, at the Four-Year Sejm, Poland and Sweden concluded an alliance, the Treaty of Oliwa was established as the principle of mutual relations between the two kings, as if the war with Charles XII had never interrupted the former friendship.format_quote

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